1. Spirulina improves skin from the inside:

  • Using the complex treatment accelerates recovery from acne, furunculosis and eczema
  • Constant consumption rejuvenates the body
  • Protein – building material for healthy, thick hair
  • Thanks to its detox effect it is indispensable in the fight against cellulite

Spirulina is high on iron, which is better absorbed due to presence of vitamin B12.

2. Spirulina strengthens the immune system.

3. Gives the energy charge (can be used instead of synthetic energy drinks) – if you feel tired or you urgently need to focus, take some spirulina pills. It will take effect within an hour.

4. It is a powerful body cleanser; spirulina helps egest toxins and reduces negative impact of radiation on humans.

5. Spirulina is the safest supplement for weight loss: a few pills a day taken before the meal will reduce the appetite, accelerate metabolism, egest toxins and nourish the body with vitamins. Spirulina pill taken after the meal instead will help gain weight.

6. You can arrange fasting days with spirulina (cleansing for organism): once a week, preferably on the weekend take 0.5 gr of spirulina every hour, drinking water or juice. This gentle detox, without consequences and unpleasant sensations is suitable for everyone, reinforcing the beneficial effect of any treatment.

Typically, spirulina is consumed as a course for 1 up to 6 months; depending on the desired effect and how advanced is the health problem.

Contraindications and side effects of spirulina: people with thyroid disease and kidney failure should consult a doctor before using spirulina. It is not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing. There are no contraindications for external use.
Let’s consider the example with the iodine. Most people that do not regularly consume seafood (residents of median strip and the far north) have iodine deficiency, which leads to the number of diseases, for example, a well-known problem with the thyroid gland.
Iodized salt is used to fight iodine deficiency. Using the salt in the food people receive an iodine. However, the problem is that iodine consumed this way is in inorganic form, which complicates its digestion process. If people use spirulina with high content of iodine, which in spirulina cells is in organic form, its fixation is almost 100 percent.
In this case, value of spirulina is not only in its biomass, but also in organic form of iodine. Consumption of iodine through salt can lead to another well-known problem. Iodine is volatile and after 3-5 months, iodized salt becomes a regular table salt.