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  • Spirulina
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    Marine vitamins

    Food of the 21st century

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    Fruits Amla the richest source of vitamin «C» on earth

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    Edible seaweed

    Very useful product

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  • Spirulina


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    Dear Customer,
    In our store you can shop online. We ensure that all of our products are organic, of high quality and fair trade.

    Where algae are, there’s life. They produce ninety percent of oxygen on our planet. Algae are one of the most ancient life forms on Earth. They appeared about 3 billions years ago and they distinguish themselves through their particularly precious components in a rich combination. Today microalgae are an important part of the diet in many countries. For example, In Japan it’s impossible not to find them on the menu. There are good reasons for that. Through thousand vital substances with the highest up to 90% bioavailability, that is the absorption through the body, algae express their complete effect and their indispensability for us.

    In the "Health" section you can find more detailed information about various products.
    All products are carefully checked and packed prior shipping. We strive to meet your high expectations and wish you a nice shopping in our online store.

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A proper nutrition - the pledge of health

A complete and balanced nutrition is the basis of normal life activity of man, the pledge of his health and longevity.

In case of insufficient nutrition the immunity and the resistance to adverse environmental factors are reduced. The metabolism in the body is weakened, which ultimately leads to the development of various diseases. The lack of main nutrients can be compensated by adding biologically active supplements of high quality to the food.